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Your First Home, Your Next Home and Beyond.

It satisfies me to help clients climb their own unique “property ladder” – from being a tenant, to buying their first home, then upsizing to create more room for family, and then possibly pushing beyond – to a vacation home or investment property down the road. It would be my pleasure to begin YOUR mortgage process by getting you pre-approved NOW.

Like other independent licensed mortgage brokers in British Columbia, I have access to more than 60 of Canada’s most established mortgage lenders: major banks, credit unions, trust companies, mortgage-only institutions (“mono-lines”) and alternative, private and commercial lenders. Lenders award top-producing firms like mine special rates that are very difficult for others to match or beat. But as any long-term advisor like me will tell you: yes, rate is an important factor, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Up to 80% of the purchase of a home in Canada can be mortgage-financed (95% if the loan is insured) – and through certain facilities, you may even be able to borrow some of your down-payment. Many lenders are now also offering purchase-plus-improvement mortgages – allowing you to buy and renovate a home with one simple product.

If you’re a homeowner thinking about selling then buying again, consider exploring the mortgage market’s current rates and features before simply porting your existing mortgage to your next home – and be aware that mortgages are not nearly as “portable” as they used to be…

Your first, next or additional home is closer than you think. But with decisions so big, complex and unique to you and your home ownership journey – don’t just shop for a mortgage…shop for a mortgage advisor. And to do so, you must ask the right questions.

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